Paul Phillips
  • Community Events

    Outdoor Pick Up Game
    9-29-16 5:30 pm - Pour House
    Nashville soccer

    Please bring one dark shirt and one white shirt. If you have a ball and/or PUGGs, please bring them as well. The more equipment we have, the easier it is to avoid crowded games.

    3D Thursdays!
    9-29-16 5:30 pm - Pour House
    Make Nashville Meetup

    Are you into 3D printing? Do you want to be into 3D printing but you just have no clue where to start? We've got you covered! 3D Thursdays are a time we're setting aside for *ANYONE* to come in and learn and share about the tools they're using,...

    Monthly Transplant Meetup
    9-29-16 5:30 pm - Pour House
    Transplant Nashville

    This is our monthly meetup to connect people to awesome places in Nashville and to each other. Come out, bring a friend, and enjoy being a part of a new community. 

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